Here’s a list of events where you can find Cleetus and the crew throughout the year. 95% of these events are a race in which the guys will be filming/competing in. They will likely have the merchandise tent.

This schedule is subject to change, keep up with the videos to ensure if the guys are actually going. Sometimes Cleetus breaks all of the cars and we have to cancel on certain events!




Jan 6th & 7th Sportsman Series w/ FL Crown Vics - FF

Feb 3rd & 4th Winter Warm-Up Compacts w/ FL Crown Vics - FF 

Feb 12th through 17th Sick Week - Starts at OSW

Mar 10th & 11th Tour of Destruction - FF 

Mar 16th through 19th TX2K - HRP

Mar 31st & April 1st FREEDOM 500 and Cleetus & Cars - FF 

April 22nd Danger Ranger on Dirt Bristol - BMS 

May 6th & 7th INDY 800 and Cleetus & Cars - IRP 

July 22nd Open Track Night - Burnouts/Drift Cars/Spectator Drags - FF 

Sept 2nd & 3rd BRISTOL 1000 and Cleetus & Cars - BMS -

Sept 9-10th Cleetus Competes in Sprint Boats - ESP

Sept 23rd AM Freedom Cars and Coffee - FF

Sept 23rd PM Open Track Night - Burnouts/Drift Cars/Spectator Drags - FF -

Sept 24th Freedom Factory Swap Meet - FF

Oct 14th DANGER RANGER 9000 - FF - In Person Tix

Oct 5th through 8th FL2K - BMP

Oct 27th-28th SRL Sportsman Series - FF - In Person Tix

Nov 11th Open Track Night - FF - In Person Tix

Nov 17th & 18th 2.4hrs of LeMullets and Cleetus & Cars - FF - In Person Tix

Nov 24th-25th Bigley Memorial Race November - FF - In Person Tix

Dec 8th & 9th Tour Of Destruction - FF -  In Person Tix

Dec 16th Spectator Drags Championships - 

Dec 22nd Xmas Tree Drags - BMP - In Person Tix

***More events and dates to be announced