Join the Cleeter Crew All Access for a full year of Livestream Events on Cleetervision. That’s right brother, you’ll save money and get every single event plus bonus content!

What you’ll get: A FULL YEAR OF ACCESS

Cleeter Vision

  • Freedom 500, Indy 800, Bristol 1000, Danger Ranger 9000 and the 2.4hrs of LeMullets
  • 4 Cleetus and Cars Livestreams
  • 5 Rounds of Klutch Kickers
  • Xmas Tree Race
  • Bonus Livestreams of BTS Cleetus Action
  • Inclusion in Cleeter Crew only giveaways and specials.


Valid only for PPV. No race entry
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Cleeter Crew All Access Pass

Are you a die hard Cleetus and Freedom Factory fan? Do you want to support us all year long and watch the track continue to grow? Do you like saving money and getting automatically entered to win free stuff?

I created this all access pass just for you. It has been an amazing ride since buying the Factory and I owe so much to all of you for helping us grow it to what it is today. Many of you have supported by getting every livestream so it only makes sense to give you an option to support AND save some money. Hell Yeah Brother!