Your favorite redneck Daytona-style race is back! This time we have a line up full of the best drivers we could find so I can prove that I, Cleetus McFarland, am the best NOS powered Crown Vic driver in all of ‘Merica. 

This is a whole Freedom filled weekend as you’ll be getting Cleetus & Cars April 3rd as a bonus. Hell ya brother!

FREEDOM 500 Race & Cleetus & Cars April 2-3

  • F500 starts at 6pm EST
  • F500 Race starts at 7pm EST
  • 100 Laps at Freedom Factory
  • 20 Nitrous-equipped Crown Vic’s
  • Cleetus & Cars on April 3rd @ 4pm EST

$19.95 PPV

*Valid only for PPV. No race entry.*

Where can I watch this event?
  • Watch here on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile browser.
  • On Cleeter Vision Roku app. (buy PPV here)
  • Check the FAQ page for more!

The Freedom 500 Pay-Per-View Event

The Freedom 500 is back and chalk full of pro drivers! Even better, you also get the full live stream of Cleetus and Cars the next day. All for one low price.

Will Cleetus win his own race this time? Will James Taal rage quit again? Is Adam LZ gonna get pinged in the helmet with a Mountain Dew? There is only one way to find out. Tune in on April 2nd and 3rd for more freedom than the fourth of July! 

Cleetus and Cars Pay-Per-View Event

If you’ve been to a Cleetus and Cars in person you know how much of an absolute riot it is. Burnouts, YT personalities, cool cars and a giant giraffe in a party atmosphere that you just can’t miss. And you don’t have to miss it because it comes with the purchase of the Freedom 500 PPV!

The Drivers

Get ready for some rubbin! This year we got as many top drivers as we could from every discipline. Pro drivers from circle track, rally cross, drifting, and more.

There isn’t a mint Crown Vic left in the state of Florida because they are all at America’s favorite playground the Freedom Factory! Hell yeah brother… I spent way too much on this.


1. Cleetus

2. James

3. Brent PFI Speed

4. HEAVY D (Diesel Brothers)

5. Diesel Dave

6. Whistlin Diesel

7. Ryan Tuerck

8. Chelsea Denofa

9. Adam LZ

10. Taylor Ray

11. Vice Grip Garage

12. Tanner Foust

13. Alex Bowman

14. Blake Wilkey

15. Hailie Deegan

16. Travis Pastrana

17. Kevin KSR

18. Randy Pobst

19. Murder Nova

20. Sous SXSBlog

* Drivers list subject to change.

Cleetus McFarland


James Taal



McFarland and crew were able to purchase an abandoned race track formerly known as DeSoto Speedway, which is right next to Bradenton Motorsports Park. A quick google search tells us that this 65-acre property with the racetrack was opened in the 1970s and has changed hands several times over the years. The property was foreclosed and went up for auction in March of 2019.

(Info subject to change)