Who needs meme stocks when you have meme races? We are taking 30 Ford Rangers around the Freedom Factory in 60 laps of mayhem. Best part… most of the drivers will be fans!


Danger Ranger 9000 & Drift Night

Oct 15-16, 2021
  • Friday, OCT 15: Drift Night, starts at 6pm EST
  • Saturday, OCT 16: Danger Ranger 9000, starts at 5pm EST
  • 60 Laps at Freedom Factory
  • Run-what-ya-brung Spectator Drags before the race

$14.95 PPV

Pre-Sale Price thru OCT 14th.
Then $19.95 OCT 15-16.

Where can I watch this event?
  • Watch here on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile browser.
  • On Cleeter Vision Roku app. (buy PPV here)
  • Check the FAQ page for more!


Well Frick! Due to tropical storm Fred and some staff being under the weather, we are going to have to delay the Danger Ranger 9000 race.

If you’ve already purchased a PPV ticket and would like a refund, no problem, we will get you that right away. Otherwise you can keep your ticket for October 15th and 16th.

This is the last thing we ever want to have to do and the decision was not made lightly. But the safety of our participants and live audience must always take precedence.

If you have any other questions, please email our team at [email protected].

Danger Ranger 9000 + Drift Night
LIVE Pay-per-view Event

Do you know this truck? Are you a stranger? We’ve got a new PPV called Danger Ranger 9000! We are taking 30 Ford Rangers into the Freedom Factory arena and pitting them against each other in a 60 lap meme race. The kicker… At least half of them will be driven by our fans! The pre-show will also include a bunch of our fans in a one vs one bracket of Spectator Drags. Did someone just scream “Yee Yee”?

Even better, we are going to include a live stream of our Drift Night on Friday the 13th. Aside from the pros we always bring out, Drift Night will also include spectators ripping it around the track.

This double feature is  going to be absolutely insane and we are super excited to include the amazing fan base in the action. You’ll get the Danger Ranger 9000 PPV and the Drift Night Live Stream for $14.95 pre-sale or $19.95 day of on Aug 13-14 Oct 15-16. Your support goes right into the track for more of these events, so as always, we appreciate it.

If you're having issues watching the feed, please make sure to checkout the FAQ section to resolve most issues. Our team will be available via chat during the event.

On the day of the event, our support chat will be available by clicking here. Otherwise, please email [email protected] for all PPV related matters. You can also visit our FAQ section for most help topics.

What about the rules?

Rules for Danger Rangers:

  1. Stock Ranger
  2. No Push Bars
  3. Suspension component modifications not allowed. Adjustments permitted.
  4. Engine/ transmission must be stock/ non-modified. Intake to exhaust manifold must be stock. No power adders.
  5. Fuel- pump gas only. No race fuel.
  6. 4 Point Roll bar (Hoop and doorbar)/ 5 point harness required. 
  7. Helmet/ Neck restraint required.
  8. Window net required.
  9. No Tire restrictions 
  10. Driver must be 18 or over
  11. No passengers
  12. Spotters not permitted
  13. Race receiver required- will be furnished
  14. Steel wheels only/ no hubcaps
  15. Must retain all body panels. Tailgate delete ok.
  16. Anti-Freeze prohibited
  17. Starting grid will be randomly selected.


McFarland and crew were able to purchase an abandoned race track formerly known as DeSoto Speedway, which is right next to Bradenton Motorsports Park. A quick google search tells us that this 65-acre property with the racetrack was opened in the 1970s and has changed hands several times over the years. The property was foreclosed and went up for auction in March of 2019.

(Info subject to change)