The “Holley Grail” EP.2 – Leroy Is Stripped To His Bones

Welcome to episode 2 of the “HOLLEY GRAIL.” In this episode you’ll see more demolition as the guys continue to rip apart Leroy’s nervous system. It sure is a timely process, but the car needs a thorough tear down to get it ready for it’s future computer, the Holly Dominator!

The “Holley Grail” EP.1 – Adventures of Daletricity

If you’re up to date on Cleetus’ recent videos, you know that Leroy, his C5 Corvette, has been having major issues with the stock Chevrolet computer. In this video, you’ll see Cleetus finally ripping out his problematic computer and preparing Leroy for a Holley Performance ‘Dominator’ ECU.