Burnout Rivals is a LIVE Freestyle drift and burnout competition between Cleetus McFarland, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Adam LZ, Chelsea Denofa, Taylor Ray plus others, LIVE at the Freedom Factory.


  • June 20 @ 6 pm EST
  • 4 Competitions: Drifting, Freestyle The Factory, Burnout Battle & Burnout Battle Royale
  • Vote for the winners!

$9.95 PPV

$14.95 day of event
* This is not a public race. PPV only. *

BURNOUT RIVALS – Pay-Per-View Event

What happens when you do the most American thing possible and put on a the Freedom 500 amidst a global shutdown? It gets watched by one of the most “Hell Yeah Brother” companies in the aftermarket industry Summit Racing. It also makes your fun-haver friends say “I want to shred the factory and rage throw my helmet too…”

So I, Cleetus McFarland, present to you, my most loyal fans, the Summit Racing Burnout Rivals event on June 20, 2020, Saturday night. It will be a pay per view like last time. We are bringing in Vaughn Gittin Jr. & Chelsea Denofa to drift the Freedom Factory, we’re gonna have a Cleetus & Cars Burnout Royale voted on by you at home, plus there’s gonna be a freestyle drifting competition between me, Vaughn, Chelsea, Adam LZ & Taylor Ray.

Just like the Freedom 500, you can get the early bird discount ($9.95) and then come back here on June 20th to watch the event. We will have some content streaming before you go live so you can log in and test your connection early. Hell, we might even go all out and get 3 monkeys in the live feed van dedicated to audio this time! 


DRIFT Battle

Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Chelsea Denofa... a best 2 out of 3 drifting showdown between 2 Formula Drift teammates in there 1200 HP Ford Mustang RTR’s. You will decide the winner via online voting!

BURNOUT Rivals 1v1

Cleetus vs James in an all out old fashion burnout contest. All smoke and no mirrors! Can Cleetus win his own event? You decide.


Freestyle battle between Cleetus, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Adam LZ, Taylor Ray & Chelsea Denofa! Each driver gets 2 MINUTES & the entire Freedom Factory at their disposal. Hardest line wins!!!


12 Car Every Man for Himself - That's 24 rear tires layin' rubber in the most epic burnout competition you've ever seen!


Cleetus McFarland

I'm your everyday Florida man just trying to revive a racetrack and have fun with my friends. That is what these PPV's are all about... making the Freedom Factory better. So I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the line up of stellar drivers that are going to help me give you an insane live show from right here at the track! We are even going to invite 5 drivers from social media to join us so stay tuned.

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

This World Champion Drifter, ultra 4 offroad road racer and professional Fun-Haver Is best known for his foot to the floor aggressive driving behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang RTR in Formula Drift. To the core all this guy guy wants the do is have fun and put smiles on faces.

Adam LZ

Drifter, youtuber and total badass. If he isn't melting tires on the track he is shredding his BMX in the pits. The 2nd place finisher of the Freedom 500, Adam will be going for gold in Burnout Rivals.

Chelsea Denofa

Known for stylish and aggressive driving behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang RTR this Formula D pro-drifter has been on the track since before he had his drivers license And his “School of Drift” is considered to be one of the best drift schools in the world.

Taylor Ray

Drifting is Taylors life but he is well known to drive anything and everything. He is a youtuber and wrencher who has a budget build series that you should definitely check out. He came in 3rd place during the Freedom 500 and is expecting a podium spot again.


McFarland and crew were able to purchase an abandoned race track formerly known as DeSoto Speedway, which is right next to Bradenton Motorsports Park. It’s been renovated and brought up to the Cleetus standard, including what is to be believed as the largest burnout pad in the world!