2.4hrs of LeMullets is back, featuring the largest automotive influencer competition in the world. Watch over an hour of nitrous powered Crown Vics with a mid-race driver change all happening at the world famous Freedom Factory LIVE.

2.4hrs of LeMullets and Cleetus & Cars
  • 2.4hrs of LeMullets November 19 @ 6 pm EST
  • 20 nitrous equipped Crown Vics on Nitto NT555 G2’s
  • Mid-race driver switch
  • Cleetus & Cars November 20 @ 4pm EST

$19.95 PPV

Where can I watch this event?
  • Watch right here on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile browser.
  • On Cleeter Vision, my Roku app(buy the PPV here, login on Roku.)
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2.4hrs of LeMullets – Pay-Per-View Event

Fire me up! 2.4hrs of LeMullets is back and still the largest automotive influencer competition in the world. An hour and a half of nitrous powered crown Vics with a mid-race driver change all happening at the world famous Freedom Factory.

Summit Racing is stepping up once again as the exclusive sponsor of the 2.4 hrs of LeMullets. Bringing back the Summit Shipping van with full upgrades to make a very special appearance during the race.
This is our last PPV event of the year so naturally it will be the biggest, craziest, most hell yeah brother event you’ve ever witnessed. We have a brand new fleet of Crown Vics and 40 of your favorite automotive and YouTube celebrities to battle it out in a wild endurance style race.

Of course there is an early bird special of $14.95 with the day of being $19.95. So order now and come back November 19th to watch the event live right here on cleetusmcfarland.com.

Cleetus and Cars Pay-Per-View Event

If you’ve been to a Cleetus and Cars in person you know how much of an absolute riot it is. Burnouts, YT personalities, cool cars and a giant giraffe in a party atmosphere that you just can’t miss. And you don’t have to miss it because it comes with the purchase of the 2.4hrs of LeMullets PPV!

Technical & Account Support​

If you're having issues watching the feed, please make sure to checkout the FAQ section to resolve most issues. Our team will be available via chat during the event.

On the day of the event, our support chat will be available by clicking here. Otherwise, please email [email protected] for all PPV related matters. You can also visit our FAQ section for most help topics.


  1. Cleetus McFarland – Alex Bowman
  2. Haillie Deegan – CboysTV
  3. James (Jackstand) – Westen Champlin
  5. Blake Wilkey – Ronnie Renner
  6. JH Diesel – Parker (Cleet’s Brother)
  7. Lyle Barnett (Promod) – Stevie Fast (NHRA Champ)
  8. Tom Bailey (Legend) – Steve Morris Race Engines
  9. Nick SXSBlog – Sous SXSBlog
  10. Doug SXSBlog – Rick SXSBlog
  11. Dave Sparks – Diesel Dave
  12. ViceGripGarage – David Freiburger
  13. Emelia Hartford – Parker Kligerman
  14. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Kurt Busch
  15. Brent PFI – Jamie PFI
  16. Kyle Boostledboiz – Wyatt Boostledboiz
  17. Kevin Smith – Taylor Ray
  18. LS George – Brian Deegan


McFarland and crew were able to purchase an abandoned race track formerly known as DeSoto Speedway, which is right next to Bradenton Motorsports Park. A quick google search tells us that this 65-acre property with the racetrack was opened in the 1970s and has changed hands several times over the years. The property was foreclosed and went up for auction in March of 2019.

(Info subject to change)